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10-17-2013, 10:30 AM
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This is mostly for pepst, but asking it in public for others that may need the same advice...

I may add some drives.

What the best:
- BD-R scanning drive? (And how well does it burn? Compare to the Pioneer line; I have the 206.)
- DVD-R/DVD+R scanning drive? And pressed DVD-ROM, DVD-RW, DVD+RW.
- from the old BenQ drives? How does the 1640,50,55 models compare to the 1620? (I have the 1620)

I can buy used BenQ drives, if needed, for the DVD scanning if that's still best.

And then anything new, of course, for the BD-R. Maybe the DVD, if something is better now.

Advice I see is at least 2 years old. But I'm thinking there's something more current, especially for BD-R. I last paid attention around 2009, and all of my recent drives (save a BD-R drive) are from that era. They still work fine for burning, but I want to add 1-2 more that can scan well. In other words, what have I missed drive-wise for the past 3-4 years?


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