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Good afternoon ,

I have media ( DVD -R ) recorded with about five years of TDK brand . Some MBI01RG40 with ID and others with ID tdk same . Were recorded by Nero and are stored in a closed plastic covers mobile, not being used frequently. Some of these have , in the face engraved , small spots / black spots that do not go to the clearing . These spots are within the media and do not know whether or 've always been that appeared over time . I also have recent recorded dvd -R which also seem to have the same . These can only see under incident light , the " naked eye " are practically invisible . The question is whether this can be deterioration of the media and therefore can affect the reading dvd or cause data loss ? Following photo attached . How to know if the media is getting spoiled ?

Thus , I would also ask the question : With regard to the new technology that has been talking about m -disc , will be a safer way to file in the future?
I thank you .

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This is what I refer to a "dye mottling". It's a defect in the dye, and was always present. The defect existed when it was not yet burned, and was not visible. It became visible/mottled at the time of burn. This error does not appear over time -- it was always there, even if you didn't notice it. Discs with mottled dye are not necessarily coasters, though most are. Even discs that burned "fine" have horrible scan values, and it should be classified as bad media.

Over time, the dye value will shift, and this kind of media will effectively "die" much earlier than good media. How soon depends on how bad the error is. I've seen this defect cause issues within 1 year, and others are fine after 10+ years. It's not really "data loss" as such -- the information is still there, just hard or impossible to read.

Moser Baer (MBI) is a common offender for not-good dyes, and is why it's poorly rated. Though supposedly using the MCC01RG20 recipe, MBI01RG40 media was lousy. It was not as good as Mitsubishi/Verbatim. MBI01RG40 media is also from about 2004, so it's a lot older than 5 years!

Re-burn the data/video on better media.

Read through the media reviews, if you've not done so already: http://www.digitalFAQ.com/reviews/dvd-media.htm

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Thanks for the information!
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When I read the subject line on the homepage (in 'forum's newest posts section), I thought for a moment this could be a post from gamemaniaco...
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