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I need some advice on where to go with my workflow. I've read that having a TBC is a must, so I'm considering ways to incorporate one. I recently bought a Hauppauge ATI 600 USB clone from lordsmurtf, which works great, but I know my VCR is holding me back. My workflow looks like this:

Consumer Panasonic VCR => Hauppauge ATI 600 USB clone => VirtualDub

Would I be better off finding an SVHS VCR with a built-in TBC, or just an external TBC? I really don't want to spend more than $500.
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The TBC inside the VCR fixes line timing, The external TBC fixes frame timing, Having a line TBC does not save you from needing a frame TBC.
VCR with line TBC -> S-Video cable -> Frame TBC -> S-Video cable -> Capture card

Some people had marginal success with:
Crappy VCR -> Composite cable -> Panasonic ES10/15 -> S-Video cable -> Capture card

Your results may differ, and nothing can fix VCR problems.
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Get a JVC or Mitsubishi S-VHS machine, preferably with internal TBC, marginally possible with your budget.
Add a Panasonic ES-10 or 15 used as a pass-thru poor man’s pseudo tbc-ish sorta kinda but not quite TBC.
Capture lossless, use Hybrid to easily access QTGMC.
Your results will be far and away better than you expected.
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Step #1 =
Buy a frame TBC. Not just any "frame TBC", but specific models AND version, known to work as required. Watch out for flawed chipset models, which are too common, often sold on eBay as "works great for converting videos" (total BS). I often have TBCs in the marketplace, and that removes the risk of buying these pricey items,

Step #2 =
Hook it up, via s-video.
The workflow =
VCR > (optional ES10/15 for anti-tearing) > frame TBC > (optional proc amp > detailer) > capture card


The biggest gains, visually, will come from a recommended S-VHS VCR with line TBC.

** Preferably JVC, because Panasonic decks are money pits unless FULLY re-capped, not a halfass "recap" job that only replaces at-the-time bad caps as the "good" caps will fail in the near future if not previously recapped also. Sometimes I have decks in the marketplace.

Then get the actual TBC next. You need both. Line TBC cleans the image, frame TBC cleans the signal.

CHEAP (but NOT flawless) OPTION...

You can try the ES10/15 alone, with it's strong+crippled line TBC, and non-TBC frame sync. But it's probably $100-150 that is better put towards a better VCR. It really depends on budget. Remember that your video capture budget isn't your Netflix/DVD budget. It's more. And then you can always buy it, use it, and resell it. (If you never intend to sell, meaning this is a longterm video hobby, then still buy the good S-VHS VCR with line TBC, and the actual frame TBC, to save your own sanity.)

- Did my advice help you? Then become a Premium Member and support this site.
- For sale in the marketplace: TBCs, workflows, capture cards, VCRs
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