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02-21-2023, 05:29 AM
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The title speaks for itself, I will upload snips from the capture to demonstrate

I am using Premiere to do frame edit level changes to the VHS footage I captured, all using:

TBC: Cypress AED-660

Captured using VirtualDub, then cropped/chroma corrected using a combination of VirtualDub and AviSynth.

The problem comes when pushing to Premiere Pro for the fine editing work. Every so often, with no perceivable pattern, a video frame become extremely garbled. This only lasts one frame, after which it goes back to normal. Playing back the raw footage in any other software seems fine (VLC, Windows Media Player, KODI, etc.), but in Premiere it has these artifacts. I've tried different versions of Premiere, and a different PC, with no change. Has anyone ever seen anything like this, and solved the problem? Would it be my PC, or could Avisynth filtering cause this? I'm at a complete loss. Again, this is infrequent, but annoying when it occurs. I've only seen it with my VHS footage, which makes me wonder if I did something dodgy when converting. This is the AviSynth filter I used if it helps:

video = AviSource("E:\Files\1hr 10mins.avi")
return video
avisource().assumetff() # interlaced source
# Note: no need to use separatefields + weave according to my tests, don't know why though..
U = UToY().ttempsmooth(maxr=1,lthresh=150, strength=1)
V=VToY().ttempsmooth(maxr=1,lthresh=150, strength=1)
# Optional use CCD at the end (you might not want to use converttoyv12 before, your choice):
LoadVirtualDubPlugin("Camcorder_Color_Denoise_sse2 .vdf", "CCD", 0)
CCD(10,1) # 0 to 100 # Default =30, retail vhs: between 7-15 is enough
I also used the 'Resize' filter to crop and 'CamCoder Color Denoise' filter in VirtualDub.

Please see attached images demonstrating the problem. First image is one frame before garbled footage, second frame is garbled, third frame is fine again.

Attached Images
File Type: png 4 Hour.00_24_24_13.Still001.png (516.5 KB, 9 downloads)
File Type: png 4 Hour.00_24_24_14.Still002.png (541.9 KB, 7 downloads)
File Type: png 4 Hour.00_24_24_15.Still003.png (520.9 KB, 6 downloads)

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