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To better reflect the content, and how members are actually using the site, I've re-arranged and merged some of the forums in the past 48 hours.
These are the changes:

The "Common Video Problems" forums have been consolidated into the single "Home Entertainment & Videography" forum, to discuss any and all topics related to playback, players, viewing devices, and cameras. (Yes, I realize recording with a camera isn't the same as buying a large TV or Blu-ray player, but the same people are usually involved with both activities, judging from analytics patterns.)

The "Digital Publishing" forums
were re-organized, and merged from three down to the now-two forums to discussed (1) Planning and design, and (2) The technology that powers digital publishing (i.e. web servers), or is used to create it (i.e. Adobe software). Previously, planning and design were separate, but that was a mistake on our part -- hard to separate those two actions.

The "Video Myths" forum
was also being used for more than just video, so it's been expanded to include all digital media topics, and was renamed to be the "Digital Media Myths" forum, as part of the Digital Life forums section. This change allows for growth in non-video myths.

Hopefully this will streamline browsing time for all members -- less forums to check and look through. And hopefully, this will encourage more posts, threads and participation.

Any input is welcomed. Thanks.

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