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07-19-2012, 05:21 AM
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1. We're going to have a dedicated area for Web Hosting. That's coming. The existing "web tech" section will be left for server admin, programming, and things of that nature.

2. Since "digital print" never really took off, that's being dropped. Nobody really designs for paper anymore anyway. Should anybody actually seek help with using InDesign, PageMaker (deprecated), Quark, etc, it can just be done in the Computers or General Discussion section? (If any guides do get written, or any templates provided, that can be done in the "Digital Life" guide section not yet public, which covers general computer tasks. It would mostly be for newsletters, business cards, etc.)
-- Agree?

3. "Making the Shot" will be renamed to .... something.Perhaps a simple "Photo Cameras, Lenses and Gear"
-- Any ideas?

4. "Home Entertainment and Videography" is too broad. Perhaps "TVs, Video Cameras and Players"
-- Thoughts

5. Add a dedicated section for video hardware repair, for all of the manuals, fix-its, mods/hacks, etc?
-- Thoughts? Yay/nay? Good section names?

Your input is desired.

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Someday, 12:01 PM
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07-29-2012, 03:30 PM
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This has all been done.

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