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I am putting together two video capture systems. The questions that are foremost in my mind are 'what is relationship between the AIW 9200 (or the AIW 9600XT) and the audio card?' and is any audio card satisfactory for a video capture system or if not then what audio card/chipset would be?

I have viewed other threads on this site in which the poster wants advice regarding what sound card to use.
Some replies suggest that the Sound Baster Live card is good. Lord Smurf affirmed this I believe. However there is no consensus regarding this card as in an other reply stated that Sound Blaster does unnecessary re-sampling of the source audio (what does this mean in respect to the audio sync?). It would be helpful if there is a list of sound cards/chip-sets that would be acceptable for the work-flow. I intend to use the Artis 738S1 PCI sound card if the XP driver I found on driverguide.com works. I also have Sound Blaster 16 PCI 4.1 and Sound Blaster Live value cards. Non conflicting advice would be enormously helpful.
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I Had my PC Guy set up my Used XP PC machine with ATI 9600XT and a Creative Live! Value Card...No Problems so far....Follow the DFAQ Capture guides, sound settings in winXP seem to forget each time , but you have to compare Captured sound with Playback sound on captured file, Usually captured file sound is OK, But You have to make sure by checking Playback sound settings on your PC...My ATI Card sound output (1/8th Stereo/headphone) plug (Included in the ATI Output Breakout Cable) is plugged into the Creative's Input Jack..Look closely/or Google your card's in/out markings to be sure!
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06-20-2015, 08:16 AM
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The ATI AIW carsd are video only. The audio ports all pass through to the audio card in the system.

The ATI AIW card is one of the best analog capture cards out there, so it'd make sense to pair it with an excellent audio card. Lots of cheap cards and onboard sound causes audio distortion. Realize that "name brands" like Creative/SoundBlaster has junk cards, so you need to be careful to get a quality model as well as good brand. The "Turtle Beach Santa Cruz" is my favorite.

Sometimes individual cards are bad, even when the model series is fine.

The only way to test cards is to analyze the waveform of the recorded audio. You're a premium member, so feel free to capture a sample, and I can look at. I do this anytime I setup a system.

FYI: I have 3 very nice capture systems available for sale. These were production systems that I used, and are about as perfect as can be expected.

- Did my advice help you? Then become a Premium Member and support this site.
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