10-02-2015, 09:33 AM
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So I found an auction for some video equipment and won it. Total cost was just under $23. The auction was across the state from me, but luckily it was within reasonable driving distance from my parents. They picked up the equipment and then my sister brought it from there down closer to where we live. I just picked it up last night from her.

In total I got:
(3) Panasonic AG-1980 S-VHS vcrs and one remote control
(1) JVC SR-VS30U (has a sticky note that the miniDV side eats tapes) plus remote
(1) JVC HR-DVS2U plus remote
1 small and one medium size Sony trinitron TV/monitors
1 old dye-sub panasonic photo printer
1 Sony time-lapse VHS VCR

Not bad for <$23, though I still have to check the working conditions of everything. I have a lot of MiniDV and VHS-C tapes that I eventually want to capture.
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10-13-2015, 10:14 AM
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You found this on eBay? Did you test their condition?
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10-13-2015, 12:38 PM
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No, not eBay. It was an online auction, but it was a police department getting rid of various items. Honestly, I haven't even plugged any of them in yet to test as I've just been busy. I've found that on eBay, there's a couple of users who bid on every AG-1980 that shows up cheaply. Not sure if they're trying to inflate the price or just trying to score a cheap deal.
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