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04-16-2016, 02:04 PM
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Have been capturing all the families VHS tapes .... luckily most are on SVHS PAL so a little better than standard VHS.
Understand there is usually a need to improve noise & always a need to attend to Chroma noise ......... have come across a few scripts (such as example attached)

These use Cnr2 filter to correct chroma noise.

Looked at your 'Avisynth MultiScript' (is that the latest ver 5-10-2014)

For example you use Cnr2:
Cnr2("xoo",4,2,64) # remove chroma banding noise, wide UV setting

I had read in a few places that CCD_1.7 (Color Camcorder Denoise) is better, and while asking around was given the following comment:
"Lordsmurf fome DigitalFAQ says that CCD is more effective than CNR2"

Have you carried out any side by side comparison of Cnr2 and CCD ? ......... be keen to have your views, and if it has better performance, any tips on what settings / how to use it.

In case it's relevant for your response .... typical workflow for my videos destined for streaming sites is:
DV capture of 720 x 576 interlaced PAL
Loaded into Vegas and rough edit to remove unwanted video
Denoise with script attached
Deinterlaced using QTMG scipt & spline resized
Use VD Stabilize with DeShaker (if required) & sharpen
Loaded back into Vegas for final edit - transition, titles, colour correction, etc.
Audio dealt with in Soundforge
Render out as 960x720p, 50

(use MagicYUV for intermediate lossless versions)

For non-streaming sites would leave out deinterlacing step, and do resize in Vegas.

Attached Files
File Type: avs DeinterlaceMT(no_NR).avs (950 Bytes, 44 downloads)
File Type: avs DeNoise Interlaced VHS.avs (2.9 KB, 60 downloads)
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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04-16-2016, 06:34 PM
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CCD is great for normal chroma noise with moderate settings, between 5-15 for commercial tapes.

You can do better in your workflow if you use the avisynth virtual file you make your script with qtgmc etc.. , create a fake .avi (u'll need a converttorgb24 at the end of your script) and you're ready to roll in sony vegas (it'll be slow though)
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04-17-2016, 01:45 PM
Tafflad Tafflad is offline
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"the avisynth virtual file you make your script with qtgmc etc.. , create a fake .avi "

I don't understand this, care to expand on the steps and what benefit it brings ?

Currently after each VD/AVIsynth step I save as MAGICYUV .. as an intermediate lossles.
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04-17-2016, 05:30 PM
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CCD (Camcorder Color Denoise 1.6/1.7) is more effective than CNR2 (Avisynth) or Chroma NR (VirtualDub).

CCD works more on the in-picture visual issues.
CNR and CNR2 work more on the global level, not really aware of the picture.

I use CCD most, sometimes C-NR. I rarely use CNR2.

It's based on many tests, yes. I need to note this in my MultiScript. In fact, I've added on it quite a bit this year, and I don't think I've uploaded a new one since 2015. I've been working heavily on the site backend (new glossary coming soon!), and projects, so not much time for forum use lately.

- DV not relevant.
- Remove chroma noise before giving it to the NLE (due to RGB conversion)

Attaching scripts is great, but also put them in [code][/code] bbcode for me. Do both. I always do. Or at least try to. That saves me time.

Off-topic: Shot DV doesn't often have bad chroma noise. But then again, it depends on the sensor. I really liked Canon ZR (DiGiC chipset) series because it held down noise very well.

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