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03-21-2019, 01:56 PM
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Hello there, as you can see, I'm quite new to being on this site. Though, I'm familiar with most of the people here. (Including lordsmurf, one of the many people on this site who have given wonderful advice over the years.)

I've been reading the VCR Buying Guide that's on this site lately, and that got me thinking, is there a guide similar to that when it comes to laserdiscs? From what I've heard, laserdiscs can provide much more quality than what a VHS tape could. I was considering using a laserdisc player for analog to digital captures, since most of the SVHS players out there are way beyond my budget.

In some captures that I've seen, the signals for the most part were very clean. Will I need an external TBC even for laserdisc playback, or should I just leave that to Avisynth? (I've gotten the hang of QTGMC among many other filters for DVDs, so I'm guessing this should be similar.)

Also, which players should I look out for? Will any ordinary laserdisc player do? Or do I have to use a special player much like I would with a VHS?
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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03-24-2019, 04:17 PM
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Welcome to the site

I dont know much of laserdisc players..... I love VHS and I really wanna get a VIDEODISC player (CED) - A good MONO one

I have 1 CED Movie (Poltergieist) but no player.........

Good luck my friend!!!!
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