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09-03-2010, 03:12 AM
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This is a tiny portion of a conversation that start in email.
Because it may eventually involve a DSLR as an option, I'm adding it into the photo forums...

I will need advice on tripods, camera, lighting, and best practices. Simple things, you could even refer me to a link.
Tripod: Anything sturdy enough to hold the camera. Better tripods have hooks on bottom, where you can adds weights. I use my camera bag of other lenses for my weight.

Camera: Do you want HD (widescreen) or SD? Does it matter? I'd probably opt for HD.
- What sort of budget? I can recommend everything from consumer budget rigs to something that needs its own lenses. In some cases, even a good DSLR may work, but there are limitation.

Lighting: This is one of my weaker areas, as video requires sustained lighting. I'm primarily a still photographer when it comes to shooting. But I can find good information easily, from colleagues who do the shooting.

Microphone: Another area where I'm weak, but actually learning. My new Nikon dSLR camera comes with 720p HD video, and I need a good mic myself. Learning all about condensers, etc.
- Do you plan to use this only inside?
- Does your mic purchase need to work for more "universal" settings?
- Do you want something that can be clipped onto a shirt, held in a hard, or simply mounted on the camera?

Lets get you set up with something.

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