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first off, i'm a complete newbie to photography - never used a camera before!
i mean i've used a compact point & click camera. but have never touched a "serious" camera.
so i need advice as to what is a good SLR camera.

what is a good SLR (film) camera body? and what lenses would fit that specific body?

what will i be shooting with the camera?
- people
- buildings, interior and exterior
- landscapes
- beaches

when will i take the snaps?
- probably during 10AM - 10PM - ie when i'm out & about visiting sites
- i may venture out early dawn time if i'm able

what will i do with the photos i take?
- store them in a photo album
- some may be put into small (6x8 inch) frames
- perhaps a few will be blown up to hang on walls

i'm sure some of you will suggest getting a decent DSLR will meet all my requirements. but lets leave DSLRs out of this.
i have a fair idea of which DSLR to get if i choose to go down that route. please give me a breakdown of the kit i need to get: body + lenses + camera bag + tripod + 35mm film + flash + batteries etc.

oh yes the key question: what is my budget?

i know that if i went the DSLR route, i'll be spending something like $2000 to $2500 for my kit. so i suppose that is also my budget for the SLR solution.
ok, over to you good folks...

-- merged --

for some reason i'm unable to edit the earlier post - so i'll say in this post.
i'm probably using some of the wrong language / wrong descriptions in my 1st post. i ask your forgiveness for this.
when i ask for advice on a SLR camera, i actually mean a "film camera". something that will take, say, 35mm rolls of film.
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Will update this post with an answer tonight or tomorrow.

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06-21-2011, 01:08 PM
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ok, lets start again.
basically i want to take some good pics on my trip.
and i want to know what options i have if i take the film route.
so, one way of doing this is to start with the lenses.

you could suggest lens X for say portraits, lens Y for landscapes and perhaps lens Z for others.
and then work backwards to which camera would work well enough for those lenses.
i have no issues if you suggest older manual cameras & lenses.
and i'm not that "needy" to want the highest resolutions / pixel counts / ISO levels blah blah yadda yadda.
i would rather learn to live with modest equipment and make it work as best as i can.
so, with that in mind, what do you suggest?


-- merged --

i've been reading more about this and i've decided that:
1) i'll buy a reasonable dslr with a couple of good lenses;
2) not bother getting a film camera - unless its mega cheap. like free.

i may do something else... but i'll keep schtum about it for now.
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02-12-2018, 06:55 AM
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Old thread ... and even older topic! Really, film?

These days,, and even when this thread was new, you could grab even pro SLRs for a really low price. Even now, I routinely see Nikon F4/F5's and Canon EOS for a few hundred at most.

Finding good film will be harder.

Lens matters as well. Those still cost big bucks, because most newer dSLRs can use older lenses. So your overall cost will feel lopsided, cheap pro camera, and expensive lens (pro or not).

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