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I wanted to find out if anyone else used either of these photo scanners. We have one of each and each has one dongle (PS50 Dongle & PS80 Dongle).

Kodak has stopped making the Picture Saver scanners and I cannot get any "real" response from them with any questions.

We started with a PS50. It's a great scanner, but the program lacks a few things that were changed with the PS80. Using the PS50 Picture Saver program, you create an Order and each Order has one folder of photos in it. The titling is also confusing and you have no real control over the titles of the photos, other than the numbering of them.

About a year ago, we bought another scanner, but a PS80. We installed it into another computer and saw the differences between the two, more control and options. As I said, the PS50 only scans into one folder and you have very litle control over the titling. With the PS80, you start one batch, or main folder. Inside that folder, you can create multiple folders. All folders are named by what you title them and the photos inside each of them, have that title, plus the _00001A, _00002A,...

I consider each scanner identical except for the program it came with. The PS80 system works a lot easier and makes the grouping and titling of the photo scans much quicker. Is there a way to use the PS80 program with the PS50 scanner? Each Dongle is titled by the scanner we got it with, one PS50 dongle and one PS80 dongle. Is there any way to use the PS80 program with the PS50 scanner? What if we had two PS80 dongles? Would that change anything? The upgraded program just make the scanner much more efficient.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this. I admit, I have a hard time explaining things with a keyboard. HA HA

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