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06-10-2021, 03:15 PM
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Iíve got a secondhand JVCHR-DVS3 EK recorder, but I am having some problems getting it to work. Can anyone help? First of all I donít have a remote with it so I can only use the built in controls.

If I put a vhs tape in it will play fine. If I put a DV tape in gen it loads but pressing play just gives a blank screen. Similarly dubbing a vhs to minidv appears to work, everything loads up and starts, but there is nothing recorded on the minidv when I try to play it back.

I assume there is a problem with the dv side of the deck, but can anyone give me some help with figuring this out? Is it likely for the minidv to be broken despite appearing to work? Could it be something else thatís wrong with it? Is there perhaps some option or menu I need the remote to access?

I appreciate this is old old tech, but I hope there is someone here who can help.
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06-10-2021, 03:33 PM
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This isn't "old tech", because it's still in regular use. It's legacy.

The DVS3 must have the remote to access menus not available using buttons on the unit itself. Any JVC MBR remote will work, and the LP20303 is one of the easiest and cheapest (under $20) to get.

JVC DV had design flaws, the DV sides of those decks always broke, usually quickly. Most of these haven't played DV tapes in years. They're more likely to eat a tape than play it. For DV, use a good DV camera. Only use it for VHS.

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