12-18-2021, 09:24 AM
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I recently purchased one of these from eBay - it arrived, but the front jog dial was missing, as well as the remote. I can only presume it was damaged in transit, as there is a bit of a dent in the case front, bottom right.

I inserted a tape, managed to get it to rewind, but soon realised that none of the buttons on the front are responsive.

Is there any way to trigger the eject mechanism so I can remove the tape?
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12-19-2021, 09:24 AM
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Odds are good that it was broken before it was even sent.

FYI, there's an insurance scam going on these days, and it makes insurance claims harder for legit issues. Bad sellers try to pass off junk as "tested" and "working", then feign ignorance for a claim. Again, this is why eBay is not safe for video gear. I'd have to see all of the seller communication to know if it's one of the insurance scammers. Tell tales.

This isn't a recommended unit anyway. Return it, get a refund. But be warned, it may drag out of weeks or even months. So again (again), why eBay is not safe for video gear.

To remove a tape, service manual.

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12-20-2021, 03:36 AM
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The seller refunded me completely.

I managed to remove the top cover, then removed the front panel. I was then able to get the tiny circuit board push buttons to work and eject the tape. I can now get tapes to play etc, without its outer shell. It all looks a bit zen watching it all whirring away.
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