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I Have a JVC BR - DV600EA Mini DV Player/recorder from years ago. Works really well, but I would love to know you opinion about this machine.

Its a good device to digitalize Mini DV tapes from cameras?

I have some tapes (20-40) and the original camera is working also (a Canon DM MV 30E).

Does this JVC player have additional interesting features to know?

I have read that Lordsmurf and some users don't like capture directly to DV input.
Originally I had digitalized years ago, that tapes with this JVC, Firewire cable to my Mac, then Final Cut and capture to DV file.

Also, I have other capture devices like Pinnacle 510-710, Matrox MX02 LE MAX, Black Magic Intensity Pro, Black Magic Decklink SDI, AJA IO 101351,Blusens k26, and some Easy Cap (trash xD),

Thanks for all your help and opinions.


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MiniDV tapes are already digitized. What you have is essentially a DV file recorded to tape. The best method for lossless transfer of that data is via IEEE1394 (aka firewire and iLink). The Canon camcorder includes LANC capability which might be of use if you have a LANC controller. I don't know the JVC deck. So use which ever works best for you to transfer (ingest) the DV into the computer. Note that some MiniDV recordings may play more reliably on the original recorder than on a different machine.

If doing anything beyond simple cuts editing (e.g., restoration/color correction) you will obtain better results if you use a lossless intermediate codec rather than multiple generations of DV de/recoding.
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jajaj Sorry. yeah, i have expressed wrong...
I know, is digital but had been all the day digitalizing VHS-Betacam and I got confused when writing.

Yes, the main objetive is to transfer to PC.
For Betacams and other formats I use ProRes 444.

I don't have plans to edit videos at this moment, but will be a real difference between capture into DV file and Pro Res 444 (for example)?

Thank you so much!
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11-17-2022, 01:01 PM
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Lossless is always better than a DV route, How important that to you is personal preference and convenience, Some people struggle getting a non DV workflow to work.

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