04-01-2024, 04:32 PM
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I have a Allegro vhs and dvd player. I tried to play a back to the future vhs tape on it and the vhs tape keeps blacking out. The audio works fine, but every time the video parts appear, half the screen would have black and white lines and then it would black out. I tried to rewind the tape to see if that fixes it, but it still continues to black out.
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04-01-2024, 07:23 PM
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First in line is your player is a less-than-anything-else brand hunk o junk.
But…does it play other tapes without displaying that error?
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04-02-2024, 04:47 AM
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It actually does play other vhs tapes pretty well. I've tried it with a lord of the rings vhs tape and a Batman vhs tape.
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04-02-2024, 06:35 AM
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Bad/random VCR, bad/random output, no mystery there.

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