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06-18-2024, 08:22 AM
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Until recently I had a working XP system with an ATI AIW 2006 (PCI-e) card installed. The other day I was playing around capturing using a VCR that allegedly has a TBC, running it through a DVD Recorder DMR-ES10 and comparing the captures with it not running through the ES10 - generally messing around trying things out.

During this I managed to plug in the S-Video input cable that goes to the AIW card into the input of the DVD recorder (instead of an output) and the result of this was instant black screen on the PC monitor and a dead PC! With the broken AIW card removed and a different random graphics card installed, the PC works fine (so does the DVD recorder) so my error just resulted in the destruction of the AIW card.

Closer inspection of the AIW card revealed some shorted capacitors around the Theater 200 chip, so without anything to lose I de-soldered it and replaced it with an identical Theater 200 chip from a donor ATI AIW 2006 card (that definitely has a blown GPU and potentially other faults, its status was unknown). I checked and double checked my soldering work, found that the previous shorts were gone, so re-installed the card.

PC booted absolutely fine and everything appeared to work until I tried to capture from S-Video again. There is no longer a picture, just random flashes of colour and occasionally something that hints at a part of a picture but never anything coherent. Does this indicate the luma info is missing?

I just wondered if anyone else had destroyed an AIW card in this way and/or if anyone else knows what else could have been destroyed. The PCB is of course multi layer and I have not been able to trace the signals from the connector etc. It is also possible that the donor Theater 200 chip is also a dud but without another working AIW 2006 PCIe card to compare measurements I am at a loss.

In case anyone knows of a working ATI AIW 2006 PCIe (PAL) card for sale I'd certainly be interested, as the system was already setup for it and working, so it would be the easiest way forward.

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06-20-2024, 01:12 PM
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The "new" Theatre 200 chip may be bad.

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