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06-21-2010, 03:25 AM
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Originally Posted by dvd4met
I' s sorry to bother you but I have made some progress into restoring the JVC SR-DVM70 hdd image, I'm missing a piece of the fw that is on the end of the drive, I do not know the offset, I have erased trying to solve my problem, not realizing how important it is- there was stored the bouncing JVC image at boot and some other stuff.

Please see my post

I feel I'm getting close to solve this puzzle.
I think the DR-MH30 image is the same in terms of firmware, I will like to try-it, if someone has it- a winhex hdd image dump.

I wish I had more for you.
Most of my available JVC DVD recorder repair knowledge is already in threads here and at that other site.

See http://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/vcr-...g-jvc-dvd.html

Because the hard drive models were obscure in North America -- and we only had two of the many models produced world-wide -- I never had much research time with the decks.

In general, DVD recorders don't use standard formatting on the drives. Linux OS is often needed, using more techie tools for managing discs.

Good luck.

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Someday, 12:01 PM
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06-24-2010, 09:21 AM
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If someone can read the sectors from the any JVC 160GB model HDD, I can try to restore mine, I think there is no need to backup the whole 160gb image to restore, just some parts!

The tool I used was Winhex, goes fine with the HDD thru usb adapter.

The info I am looking for is situated (is starting from)
sector: 305 000 000 or Offset: 245BDC8000

If You can save this section starting there and going up to the end of the disk.
Winhex : tools - open disk,

Using winhex : edit - define block and give those 2 offsets 245BDC8000 and the max end value ( it is specific on your hdd configuration)

Then from the same menu: edit - copy block -into new file. That's it.

Should be lots of zeros around, so to compress the file better.

Thanks alot
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08-21-2010, 04:12 PM
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The information I was looking is the file allocation table and since I was not able to find a image of that part of the disk ( end of the hdd), after some search on rusian forums using google translation tools I found some information that a software called JVC Adviser Pro disc ( cd that contains a file named bootup1.blx ) is able to restore the file allocation table. ( that's what the russian site was saying).

Can someone point me to this software or send a PM with a link?

Is been months since I try to find a way to restore my machine with the same kind of HDD, just a new one instead.

Pretty please!

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08-23-2010, 04:08 AM
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From what I've read, the only way to restore a unit is to clone the drive from a functional unit. That CD may not help you. In fact, I've read where it specifically WILL NOT help with a hard drive swap. It really depends on the exact model. Even the same series machine acts differently from sub-model to sub-model (i.e., different models used in different countries, or PAL vs NTSC versions).

So you're stuck having to find a good drive that you can clone. And that will take another functional machine. I would look for one that has another problem, like a dead DVD burner, or bad power supply (won't turn on), and buy it cheaply. Then use its hard drive to replace your own.

This is a problem with almost all hard drive DVD recorders, by the way. It's not a JVC-only issue.

Keep searching, don't give up on it.

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08-23-2010, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by admin View Post
That CD may not help you. In fact, I've read where it specifically WILL NOT help with a hard drive swap.
Keep searching, don't give up on it.
Thanks for the reply, but please why all they say CD may not help?
I want to TRY for God's sake. what harm could be?

I believe the russian site- use Google to translate and read between the lines: http://monitor.net.ru/forum/jvc-sr-d...fo-318238.html IS telling the truth!

I'm talking about restoring the original HDD!!

I restored the root image with the one they provided, and IT WORKED!.
Until I unplugged the unit, then again, restored the root image, it worked again. But I erased the file system at the end of the disk and does not work anymore after restoring the root image.


IN that post they say after restoring the root image you have to run the Advisor disk and restore the file system. The guy that said that, looks like he knows what is talking about.

BUT they do not provide a link for that Adviser thing at all, like everybody has that silly software and is no need to insist.

I do not speak russian and do not know how to post on their forum to ask, beg for the adviser thing.

Does anyone can help?

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