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When capturing from Panasonic FS200 and TBC enabled, in some bad portions of tape, black vertical line appears in the middle of frame. TBC makes image also a little darker and shifts it a little right:

When captured without TBC, no black line but previous frame is dubbed for 2-4 frames.
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If capturing with other VCR (line TBC), lower 20% from picture become distorted and shifts also a little right:

Is it normal behaviour from FS200 TBC or is there something wrong?

Captured with Matrox RT.X 100 and frames exported from Premiere (all without deinterlace).

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What does it look like with the Matrox card bypassed? Just play the VCR directly into a television.

It does appear to be an error with the VCR -- typical Panasonic problems, where the capacitors are bad -- but let's verify it, as Matrox cards can be finicky, too.

Then again, it could just be the tape. Does this happen with all tapes, or just this one?

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04-19-2012, 02:45 PM
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When playing directly from VCR to TV, black vertical line still appears when TBC is on and also picture shaking and rolling much more. There are even more errors without Matrox than through Matrox. But Matrox problaby generates those dubbed frames to replace damaged frames, at least they are not noticable without Matrox.

It is worst with one particular tape but appears sometimes in some other tapes as well but not so hardly and not always.

When playing VHS tape (recorded with VHS camera), looks like TBC ON/OFF switch works reverse as it makes picture worse, at least with this damaged part of tape. But when playing SVHS-C tape (recorded SVHS-C camera) with adapter, picture is almost unusable without TBC and very good with TBC. When I earlier thought that TBC makes picture darker then at least with SVHS-C tapes it seems that it is brighter without TBC and normal with TBC, compared when same SVHS-C tape is played back with original camera, where it is recorded. If comparing SVHS-C image with FS200 (TBC ON) and original SVHS-C camera (TBC not available), it is hard to decide which is better, they are very close and there are problaby little less errors with FS200, until black vertical line appears. Additionally I tested Sony HDR-FX1 as pass through from original SVHS-C camera, which currently looks best solution as corrects some errors and overexposrure pretty well.

And about capacitors, as it seems to be clearly TBC related problem, should there be specific TBC related capacitors?
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04-19-2012, 08:41 PM
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TBC makes picture darker
This is a common symptom of capacitors inside the unit going bad. Or more accurately, they've aged beyond expected or usable values. This is how capacitors work -- over time, the values can (and often do) change. You'll need to get the unit inspected by a professional service, who can diagnose each of the dozens of caps inside, and replace any that are outside proper specs.

Pretty much any oddity experienced by Panasonic NV-FS200 or AG-1980P decks are caused by bad caps.

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01-17-2017, 02:07 PM
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I know this is an old post but for anyone else having this issue:

I have 2 of these machines, the tbc module is located on the underneathh of the machine. Accessible by removing the bottom plate and 4 red screws. I transplanted one from my donor machine to fix flickering pictures with tbc on. May be worth finding a fs200 with blown psu or knackered heads.

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