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Once again I ignored the advice on this site and purchased one of those "as is" VCR's from flea bay. I'm hoping I don't get flamed too bad but after all I'm from Missouri and the state animal is a mule. Anyways, I paid $25 plus shipping and for this AG 1960 that looks like it's been rode hard and put away wet. It does play tapes but it looks "jittery" to me (the screen looks like it's moving slightly). Would I be better off junking this barnacle and starting over or try to have this one fixed?
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the ag-1960 is really not that great and not worth repairing

i have one i use for cleaning tapes
if the FF and rewind still work hang on to it in case you get a dirty or moldy tape
the 1960 is good for that purpose as it is one of few deck ive had that retracts the tape away from the video head during high speed FF and rewind allowing you to clean the tape using a lightly alcohol moistened DSLR sensor swab - ive cleaned several moldy tapes this way - much cheaper than a tapechek machine
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