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01-20-2016, 02:57 PM
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Hello everyone,

My VCRs die on me one after the other. One of my Pana NV-HS1000 had been making strange noises when playing tapes for the last couple of months. Couldn't find anything visually.... And today, it was making a terrible noise and could not keep up with SP speed ("hesitating" between LP & SP - no, it was NOT a control head issue). The noise was clearly coming from the general area of the pinch roller... so I started hand-checking parts in that area... and the P5 stopper got unstuck, so I removed it (P5 roller - see the service manual or http://www.donberg.fr/descript/p/pavc_337.htm ).

I tried putting it back in place, but I don't know how, because there doesn't seem to be any room left between the tape and the pinch roller. How do you put a P5 stopper back in place?

The odd thing is that I am now trying to use this VCR without the P5 stopper... and it seems to work ?!?!?!

Can someone please help me or explain ?

Thx a lot for your time and attention
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