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Digitalfaq is big on the JVC SVHS high end lines VCR's.

Sadly over time some of these units get the AUTO error, than the machine shuts off.

Auto is a generic term that causes the machine to go in lock down.

One major problem in the JVC decks is the black plastic gears under the video head. Once these gears break or go bad, the machine will pretty much never work again. You can try messing around with them, which sometimes will unjam the gears. Once these wear out or snap, you have to replace them.

Have found a Vendor that sells these parts. I can finally replace and fix these broken down machines.

It is getting harder to find good JVC decks cause they have been out of production for a while.

The black gears cost a lot, it is a few hundred dollars to do this work.

If you have this problem in your JVC deck, PM my account and we can work on getting it fixed.


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