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I have a datavideo TBC-1000.

After reading this thread:


I became curious about the inside of mine and opened it up.

One design, that still had the S-Video connectors on the inside would be relatively easy to by-pass the distribution amplifier and use the TBC-1000 like a standalone TBC-100.

The other design (like mine) has the S-Video connectors removed, and Bugs Bunny made a cdrom/audio connector cable to S-Video cable. Then unplugged the cdrom/audio connector used by the distribution amplifier to plug into the output of the TBC-100 card. And replaced that with the (new) cdrom/audio to S-Video cable to by-pass the distribution amplifier and bring the signal out of the case.

Some mentioned modifying the case and drilling new holes in it.

After seeing all those Electrolytic capacitors on the distribution amplifier, I have no dount that age will catch up to every one of the TBC-1000 devices and eventually need to have the capacitors replaced, or the video output will degraded. A nicer option would be to by-pass the distribution amplifier in a low effort manner.

While I was putting mine back together, I noticed a black sticker over a port next to the front input for the S-Video connection. I carefully removed it to look underneath.

It turned out to be a hole (already) pre-made for a connector that was never put into the front face of the TBC-1000. It is labeled DV in/out.

DV is generally not of interest to us, since it implies consumer grade DV and its reduced color resolution, compared to S-Video. (But) its a pre-made hole in the front of the chassis which seems to lead to a gap large enough to fish a cable through.

The cdrom/audio connector choice for the by-pass cable is due to the choice of the datavideo designers, they use that style connector to jumper the connections from the faceplate to the TBC-100 and from the TBC-100 to the distribution amplifer, so its simply an easily made cable with well recognized connectors. And since they are plugged, easily removed and reconnected with "no soldering" involved this is a very attractive modification. The only thing a person needs is a well thought out two part cable to fish through the front and then connect to the TBC-100 card inside.

I took a photo of the front faceplate up close with the black sticker over the DV in/out port removed.

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