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My first post, wanted to say thank you to everyone on this forum, I've learned a lot in my process of getting up to speed and evaluating software and hardware workflows etc.

I'm capturing VHS through an AIW 8500DV and I wanted to know if it would better to utilize a later AIW like a AIW 9800 Pro with the Theater 200 chip. I understand the Theater 200 has a 12 bit ADC, does this mean in theory it could capture a larger dynamic range in regards to video levels on the extremes of the histogram?

In my current setup, I see more details in the highlights by using the Levels window and lowering contrast in VirtualDub during capture from the default 128. If I lower the brightness or contrast a lot I can see posterization in the highlights, which is expected at the extreme settings. This most likely could be the recorded material on the VHS tape, but again if there is anything to gain with Theater 200 then it may be worthwhile.

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I've never noticed a DR difference between the 100/Rage and 200 chips. I didn't even know there was one (or forgot*). I use both 7500s and 9600s, and see no difference.

Your 8500 is fine. Not really any different from the 7500.

All this talk of 8/10/12 bits is fun theory, but understand VHS is like 6-bit dithered. So all the extra bits become moot.

AGP AIW cards are currently still cheap, under $50. I consider $50 to be gambling money, so feel free to buy and see for yourself. But most likely you're just having a "grass is greener" moment.

* Apparently forgot was accurate. We discuss this every handful of years.
The last time was here: http://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/vide...-original.html
Several more if you search the forum.
Why did I forget this? It's just trivia. Nothing that affects usage. 9-bit vs 12-bit means nothing when the consumer sources aren't even 8-bit.

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