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I have a bunch of hi8 ntsc tapes from when I lived in USA. Id like to transfer these to my iMac for editing and then be able to play on our pal tv here in Australia. I have no camera that can play tapes. Do I need to buy an old ntsc camera from USA ? Would I then be able to transfer these tapes via the camera into iMovie of Final Cut Pro? Any help appreciated. Jo
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Get a NTSC camcorder with line TBC and S-Video output, Capture using a USB dongle to a PC computer in lossless AVI NTSC 720x480 (borrow one, Mac makes things complicated). Edit your videos if necessary and convert to H.264, At this codec no need to convert to any format, any media player or smart TV should play it back with no problems.
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04-19-2020, 04:18 AM
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You will need an NTSC camera.

While I'm not anti-Mac, and quite enjoy my Mac, video capture is NOT a task it can do well, or often even at all. Windows was always the OS for video. Not Linux, either. There will be no easy way to get the video from the tape to Mac OS X, at least not with quality.

Tip: Leave the conversions as NTSC. You will lose massive quality forcing the NTSC into PAL, and it is not needed in the modern digital age. (Aside from making documentaries with worldwide sources.)

Perhaps this project is best outsourced to pros? Just be sure to vet the person/company, for hardware being used, software, entire method. Too many "pros" actually knowledge that same (or less!) than you do. So be wary.

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hi8, ntsc on pal

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