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After my little fiasco yesterday. I discovered a glitch with this modelRC8052NB

I turned on the recorder. I had audio no video. So naturally I changed every cord. All the dumb stuff first. Nothing worked.

I placed a call to rca. After stopping the represenative from a 2 minute script read . I was informed to press the hdmi button on the remote to reset the resolution. Why???? No one touched the remote. It just turned it on. I guess whenever you turn your recorder on or off. Something happens with electrical surge in the unit to cause the resolution to go crazy. She said it was a known issue with this model. Known? Why in the hell didnt I know about it . I m sure other owners are not aware of it also.

There is no firmware update. Or fix for it yet. Just if the problem persist to call they will send a new one free of charge.

Aside from that. Not a bad little unit for the price

Just thought I d let you know press the "HDMI " button on your remote to fix it. If you get too aggravated. Call for a new one

Then again, I m probably the only member on board still using a 19' non cable ready tv

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