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Hi everyone. I used to use the infamous easycap to capture my vhs but as you might know i read by many people it have bad reputation I'm looking for a different method. I input my VCR into my DVD Recorder Phillips 3380 through rca conection. Connect my dvd with a TV too to see whats showing. Then i proceed to record in HQ quality on a blank dvd or dvd+rw, then open and edit the dvd on my pc.
I would like to know if thats good quality video. For what i could compare i notice differences with easycap the only con i noticed its that dvd wouldnt record if the tape of the vhs is in bad state and the pictures jumps or jitter too much, easycap would record these anyways.

Here is a picture comparing a specific frame (left side easycap, right side dvd recording


Should I still get a better capture device/method or thats fine. Thank You.
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That's what's been used back in the day to transfer VHS tapes to digital, By today's standard is not a high quality method but at least you get the capture done, lossless is better than MPEG-2 when done with the right gear not easycap.
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Thanks for your input @latreche34. Can you suggest some better combos or device captures/methods that are not so expensive or difficult to get? (pretending that I already have good vhs and vcr).
Maybe some PCI card? btw im on win 10, perhaps i should switch to 7. Thanks.
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