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I will be using my Philips for recording everything from my DirecTV box. Now I know when recording anything thatís in widescreen HD I have my Philips recorder set to 16.9. But do I have my DirecTV aspect ratio for TV viewing set to 16.9 as well or to 4.3?? Iíd be watching it on a widescreen TV of course but I want it to look the same even if I was to watch it on a 4.3 sized TV.

Here is my other question. When Iím recording things that are not HD but are 4.3 ratios from the DIRECTV box Do I change my Philips recorder to 4.3 or should I keep it in the 16.9 aspect ratio on the Philips recorder?

I know that when recording 4.3 Sized TV shows I need to set my DirecTV aspect ratio to output 4.3 instead of 16.9. Otherwise it will have huge black bars on the sides of the DVD thatís recorded. I mean on a 4.3 TV you will see huge black bars on the side.

Here is a sample of what happened when I had my DirecTV Aspect Settings to 16.9. Then played the recorded DVD on a 4.3 Sized TV of a 4.3 Sized TV Show


Thatís how it looks on a normal 4.3 Sized TV. Huge black bars on the sides.

Thatís why I ask when recording a from an HD feed thatís 16.9 in size should I keep my DIRECTV box set to 16.9 or change it to 4.3 so that it will look the same on both a normal 4.3 sized TV and a 16.9 Sized TV or Does it not matter what the DIRECTV is set to when Iím recording a 16.9 recordings? I know the Philips has to be set to 16.9 when recording anything thatís native res is 16.9. But my only concern is the DirecTV Settings.

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This is how DVD recorders work. To view on 4:3 set, you'll need to re-flag the video with 16:9 in software, such as Restream.

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cool. i figured it out though now. just tryed a bunch of different things.
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02-12-2008, 08:09 AM
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With my DISHNetwork feed, I control the display on playback, but the show is recorded in HD at 16:9.
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