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There is a debate about whether turning off NR on the Panasonic DMR-ES15 completely turns it off, or merely sets it to a lower setting. I decided to conduct a test.

Setup: in the ES15 menu settings (Other Functions - Setup - Video - Black Control Level) I set Input to Lighter, Output to Darker, which is the recommendation from all as it gives least banding (posterization).

Workflow: Sony TVR66 High8 camcorder (from 8mm tape source) > Panasonic ES15 > Diamond VC500 > Windows10 > VirtualDub1911 with Huffyuv v2.1.1. I did the pre-crop, turned on histogram, set the levels, uncropped, captured. No filters applied. Combined files side-by-side in VirtualDub2, saved as Huffyuv v2.1.1. Then converted to H.264 for the upload here.

I'm not sure if this scene is the proper test environment. To my untrained eye, I can't see a difference between the On and Off. Right side = NR ON; Left side = NR OFF.

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The most marked difference is in motion NR. The intra is turned mostly off, the inter is just reduced. That's why I often just shale my head at screenclips trying to prove me wrong. Duh. You have motion clip, kudos. I can't look now, tablet. You will see it more easily on some footage, and perhaps not at all one others. But it does get more noticeable on larger screens, not tiny computer preview windows.

Posterization is the same, can be harder to see, and impossible to ignore when seen. It's there.

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