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03-05-2022, 09:01 AM
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You'd better check again. This is a well known issue. And I've confirmed this on multiple cameras, different computers, different OS (not just Win versions, but Mac as well).

Seconds of footage are lost due to the lag in software recognizing a stream exists. That's the flaw of the DV transfer method.

Sometimes that doesn't matter. Good shooting dictates you have lead in/out. But mommy/daddy with the camcorders rarely did that, and had a bad habit of pressing a button right when something was starting (or even afterwards). So those seconds can be precious.

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03-30-2022, 08:26 AM
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It's been 3 weeks since my last post (3/4/2022). Thanks to all for your input, which encouraged me to return my original sub-par capture devices.

My Premium Member status allowed me priority access to Lordsmurf who is directly selling some of his own equipment. I made payment earlier this month, and am anxiously awaiting delivery. Assuming I get the items soon, this is *definitely* worth the $20 annual cost to expedite things. Plus LS has promised a full workflow (VCR > TBC > capture card > SW > instructions) to enable me to make quality digital transfers.

I'm trusting the gear will be accurate, calibrated and have good resale value. Of course, I'll reserve final comment until after I have received shipment and had a chance to test things out.

I tried hard to do as much research in the forum prior to doing my initial post. I hope that the members respect that effort.

Again, thank you for all the tips so far. I'm really looking forward to getting started on this new adventure.

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