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Hi all, after watching some youtube videos on vhs capture I went ahead and bought a cheap hdmi capture card and a scart to hdmi converter. I知 now digitising some of my old family footage from vhs tape and the results are地t great. After doing some research it appears that my choice of capture device isnt great and I shouldnt be using an hdmi card?

I was just wondering if I could get a recommendation for a capture card suited to the hardware I知 using. Undfortunately that isnt great either.

Im using pal vhs and vcr, the vcr is Hitach, (Phillips turbo drive), widows 11 os and my pc is very low end/spec.

Im not wanting to spend a fortune on this although I do realise I知 going to have to spend a lot more than what I did on my current card.

I知 currently looking at the elgato, but I知 not sure that is going to be much better?

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