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My capture in VirtualDub is flickering. This is an issue that I was having months ago when I got the capture card, I took a break due to this and the other day I gave it another try and it was working fine. The past couple days I captured a couple VHS tapes with no issues, until today I turned on my PC and was going to capture another VHS tape.

Upon launching VituralDub (1.9.11) and starting Capture AVI the capture is constantly flickering again, and I have restarted my PC several times, but unfortunately it is still happening and I have no idea why.

Please see the YouTube link below showing the flickering.


Has anyone seen this issue before? Do you have any suggestions on how to fix it? I'm confident it is the capture card because when I try a different capture card there is no flickering. The WinTV HVR-950 is what I want to use, so I'm hoping I can fix the problem and continue to use it instead of using my USB-Live 2.

Thanks in advance.
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