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I have seen comparisons between Huffyuv and Lagarith but nowadays I see newer ones like MagicYuv get mentioned, I currently use lagarith purely because I can play it in VLC whereas Huffyuv I canít, but my main concern is quality, not file size, so are these two still the best codecs for this or are there others that are better nowadays? And is the difference between Huffyuv and Lagarith minor or is there a large quality difference?
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Still Huffyuv.

VLC plays Huffyuv is codec installed properly.
Use the hofmand installer. https://github.com/hofmand/video-cod...llers/releases

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09-15-2023, 08:23 AM
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Okay I’ll switch to it and use that, thanks lordsmurf, appreciate all the help.
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09-15-2023, 09:29 AM
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You got the choice, huffyuv, lagarith or utvideo.
Utvideo compress more, i use it for not important projects

Plus Lagarith & utvideo support yv12 unlike huffyuv, but serious cappers use yuy2 anyway
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