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Since I own a DVK-100 and ES15, and after seeing many comments from Lordsmurf talking about the ES15 cleaning up the image signal to send into the DVK, I thought I would give my recently purchased one a go. After messing with all sorts of settings and getting nowhere I am presuming that the unit might be defective. Before I start the process of trying to return it, is this an issue that anyone has seen/resolved before?

Strangely the unit plays back DVDs just fine, and I tried to run S-Video from my VCR in and out of it as well as component video and audio from my camera in and out of it, both with and without the DVK as well. No audio or video are coming through. I can add screenshots of settings if needed but as stated I have tried many combinations to no avail.
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You must remember that most DVD recorders were consumer devices, operated by people that smoked, used the DVD tray as a cup holder, and for kids to stick LEGO in. Always expected ES10/15 to be abused, and be pleasantly surprised when it actually properly works -- aka, another reason to opt for actual TBCs, not ES10/15 type, etc.

These units are now 18+ years old (came out in 2005), and many have been "rode hard and put away wet". When a unit fails to function, just return it.

There's no magic or special settings to the ES10/15. Turn it on, properly wire IN to VCR and OUT to capture card, set to proper output on remote, and that's it. If that fails to work, return it.

There are lots of potential problems with the units, and you'll often see all of them. Again, consumer devices, often operated by hamfisted goons and grubby kids.

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Thanks Lordsmurf, I will get it sent back and hopefully purchase another one that isn't a dud.
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es15, grey screen, not working, tbc

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