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06-16-2024, 12:44 AM
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I have a Panasonic DRM EH55 (2006+ model) which has performed admirably to stabalise a VHS capture. It was a unit I picked up from a junk store with a defective DVD drive which nevertheless allowed channel select and passthru.

I connected it up a couple of days ago and initially confirmed an image in the capture software passing through the EH55 and a functional HDD output but somehow through playing with front input selects and possibly triggering a service mode button configuration the machine now displays an HDDERR and, with the DVD drive faulty, I am unable to get past this.

However, I don't want to use either, just to put the machine into a state where I can pass-thru AV1. Can anyone confirm whether there is a way, whether using service mode or otherwise, to still enable the machine to perform pass-thru with defective DVD and HDD?

For the record I've opened up the DVD writer and cleaned the lens and spindle. I've inspected the ribbon cables and repaired a folded over contact on the middle ribbon. I've swapped in a smaller 30GB PATA drive I have on hand.

I don't currently have a remote but have a supposedly compatible one on order from AliExpress. I have the service manual and can see it allows setting of input channel via remote codes but I can't get the unit into SERVICE MODE to start with. Holding down the button combo on the front panel when off, just displays PLEASE WAIT on the FLD for a time, then HELLO.

A power-off unplug recycle may also cycle "STFAIL" ("Self test fail??") and "DRV NG" ("Drive No Good") on the FLD, then eject the DVD drive (presumably wanting a firmware DVD to be installed).

All of this is by the by though - I just want the machine to by-pass the self-diagnostics and put it into a mode where I can feed signal through it. The capacitors and power supply are in good nick.
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