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from e-mail..
I'm using a ATI All-In-Wonder 650 PCI card for capturing TV shows. My TV resourse is analog cable TV (Shaw Cable in Canada). The problem is 'the closed captioning' was lost while playing back the recorded TV shows with any media player including the ATI ones. Can you advice that which ATI PCI Card may solve this problem? Thank you.
Depending on who you ask, the question of "Does an ATI card show closed captions" can be a range of yes, no and maybe. Because I don't regularly need to record the captions, it's never been a major source of research or effort.

Whether it works can depend on card model, drivers, software used, playback only, after recording, after authoring recording to DVD, which operating system, and probably a few more variables that I'm forgetting.

Judging from a quickie Google search, the ATI All In Wonder PCI 650 is no different. Some folks report being able to view the captions with Vista's built-in media center, for example, but not from the recorded files, only when viewing live. Others who have given less details about their setup, insist they can burn DVDs "just fine" with captions.

As far as I know, subtitles are also only embedded in MPEG files, not other codecs that can be used for capture.

NOTE: Remember that closed captions and DVD subtitles are different.

Unfortunately, there's really nothing to do -- it either works or it doesn't.

If the closed captions were actually recorded into your discs, it may be a matter of authoring them to a DVD, and then playing them on a DVD player with a TV that does support CC.

Neither GOM nor VLC support closed captioning -- most media players DO NOT. I am reading that some versions of PowerDVD may support CC, however. You can download a free trial demo of PowerDVD (click the linked text) and see if it works. If it does, then it's a pretty decent program. Runs just under $50, but it's my favorite MPEG/DVD player, has been for years, since version 3.

Hope this helps.

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