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08-09-2005, 07:57 AM
Wineslurper Wineslurper is offline
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I am looking at getting a new vcr S-vhs and would like some input as to which one. JVC HM-DH40000 or the JVC HR-S9911U S-VHS? After price shopping shopping on the net B&H photo for the 40000 is not much more than the 9911. Just recording to capture later and capture from for some of my older tapes. Ok folks lets have you opinion. Wineslurper
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08-10-2005, 03:31 PM
markatisu markatisu is offline
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Well it depends on what you want to do, I have both units so this is my take on it.

the 40000u does have its advantages:

-15-20 hour recording of SP quality SVHS on 1 DVHS tape using the LS3 setting (LS5 is bad, its 25hours but has macroblocks and just looks like a VCD rather than SVHS/VHS). The LS3 and LS5 settings will not work when recording HD material, it will only work when SVHS-ET is turned on

-some weird kind of tbc/dnr hybrid, its not comparable to the 9000x series but it does have its advantages

-Works pretty good as a passthrough unit if you have an existing setup.

-2hrs of pure HD recording on 1 DVHS tape

The downside is fast forwarding and rewinding a DVHS tape is horrible, works fine for VHS and SVHS tapes but for some reason the "digital" nature of the DVHS recording makes it a bit difficult to rewind and fast foward

That is about the only downside I have seen, playback rivals that of the 9600 and 9900 series and I have had no complaints on my transfers using it

Personally if I had to choose a capture device I would go with the 9911, the 40000u is more of a luxury toy with side benefits or a requirement for HD recording, if you do not have a need for HD it really does not best the 9000x series in any way shape or form.

I was able to get mine on clearance and it has proven to be a valuable tool but in the long run I still would have my 9000x series machines so I would only buy this again to compliment my setup but never as the main unit - markatisu
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08-10-2005, 04:44 PM
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What I gather from those I deal with, like markatisu here, is that the 9600-9911 machines are still the preferred unit.

The D-VHS units have some useful features from time to time, sort of like the Panasonic ES10 has some nifty sync filters for passthrough, but not as any kind of primary unit. Like he said, a secondary luxury, mostly for recording or for signal passthrough on really rough sources.

The DNR/TBC and other filters found in the JVC S-VHS units is more important given the choice.

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08-13-2005, 02:08 AM
Wineslurper Wineslurper is offline
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Just ordered the 9911. Thanks for your advice
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