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I want to digitalize old VHS cassettes (PAL/europe). I've already tried a video grabber device from Plexgear which after some fiddling worked out OK, although I wasn't completely satisfied with the output. So, I would like to know which way to go from here.

I've read about tbc's, vhs/dvd combos, internal and external video capture cards etc, but to be honest, I'm feeling overwhelmed when browsing the Internet in search for information as there seem to be as many opinions as there are solutions.

Therefor any simplified and straight forward advice would be highly appreciated.

Here are a few questions:

1. Will the means of capturing (dvd/vhs combo vs. video grabber card etc) affect the output quality, i.e. are there good and bad ways?

2. Can a dedicated onboard or external video card help me overcome or minimise jitter, degenerated picture quality after capturing, and if so which one should I get?

3. Should I replace my old vcr's (I've got one vhs player (Nesco) from around 1988 and a 2nd (LG) from 1998 (offering only (euro)scart output)?

4. How would either of Canopus ADVC-55, ADVC-300 or the TBC-1000 help? They seem rather pricey...

5. Which software should I pick? I've tried Movie Maker and Premiere Elements 8.0 (trial) briefly, and I know there are other applications as well, but I can't decide which one would suit my needs most since I'm a novice.

Thanks in advance,
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Old post, but still current topic.

1. Output quality is determine solely by the source tape quality AND the plyaback device quality. (Well, not solely, as the presence of TBC, and quality of capture card/device, also matter.)

2. If you're referring to an internal TBC, then yes. It helps remove/reduce jitters, picture quality, etc.

3. Yes, replaced consumer VHS VCRs with quality S-VHS VCRs from the suggested list:
Read: http://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/vide...ing-guide.html

4. External TBCs are needed to clean a signal, in order to allow quality capturing/transfer.
Canopus ADVC DV boxes are indeed expensive, and not the best. For half the cost, better USB/AGP/PCI cards exist.

5. Software depends on steps in the workflow process. NLEs are just to edit, not capture, restore, etc.

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