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Originally Posted by fuzzblaster
Hi Lordsmurf,
I took you advice and snagged a JVC JR-S9600 on ebay for like $136. Good deal, right.

It seems to be in good working order, but I noticed on the bottom there are really no feet or legs in the back. Tiny ones on the front. It seems to me that there could be something missing from the back, however it does look the same in any photos I can find of this machine. I know you will know the answer to this one. The bottom of the deck has a lot of air vents so I find it weird that with no back legs the bottom of the machine sits pretty much flush against the table or shelf it is sitting on. Is this how the deck was designed and the way it sits is OK. Those are not really air vents on the bottom or it was designed this way and enough air gets in anyway?

My other older bigger HRS 7100 does have a similar design, where the bottom of the back of the deck seems to sit flush against whatever it's sitting on. But there are vents on the sides of the bottom on that deck.

Please let me know as soon as possible so if it is missing some legs I can let the seller know quickly.

Thanks a lot for you advice, and the picture does look super. The transport is a bit sluggish but I know that is how all these JVC decks seem to work.
This is the design of most VCRs, including JVC and Panasonic machines. I also did not like the flush-bottom design, as heat can get trapped under the unit, and that's not good for any electronics item. My solution was to buy some self-adhesive rubber door stops, the kind you attach to the wall, and palce four of those under the VCR. The clear ones from Home Depot keep the unit about 3/4ths inch off the shelf (or the VCR under it, when in a stack).

My custom-built cabinet also has no back, so air passes freely all around the deck. No air, hot or not, ever gets trapped around the unit. And I can always place a fan in front, to specifically cool down the area, if needed. It does sit with the back to a wall, so that air can pass, and it allows wires to be easily changed around simply by walking around the backside.

Most people cram their gear into a corner of a room, in a sealed wood cabinet. Big mistake.

Note that some VCRs, like the JVC HR-S3800U, have false legs. It's simply a rounded base of the fascia, and really does not provide any lift. Those are legs by look, but not in practice.

So .... make your own legs!

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