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02-06-2011, 01:31 PM
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Another useful tool makes it in The Digital FAQ archives...

What's Scenalyzer?

It appears that the popular and well-respected freeware DV capturing software Scenalyzer 3.5 has disappeared from the official site. Indeed, digitalFAQ.com has long suggested Scenalyzer as the best tool for "capturing" (transferring) DV video to a computer. Rather than let it fall into the black hole that is the internet archives, I'm mirroring the file here.

Separate capture-only tools are useful for avoiding dropped frames.

In addition to that, the ability to register Scenalyzer Live 4.0 also disappeared! It's honestly been a few years since I had clicked that deep into the site, but the ability to buy the software ceased at some point in recent years. Indeed, the program has not been updated since 2005. And then my emails to the developer in 2010 went unanswered. So we can only assume that this is now abandonware. I submit the following screenshot for reference:


Download Scenalyzer 3.5 + Scenalyzer Live 4.0

Attached to the bottom of this post is the final release of both the Scenalyzer 3.5 and Scenalyzer Live 4.0 software, the ScLive 4.0 User Manual, and the registration key for Scenalyzer Live.

To download the files, simply register for the forum (it's free!), and then login and download the templates below. That's it. Your e-mail address is not sold (no spam!), and you'll be joining a community dedicated to digital media topics -- especially when it comes to creating high quality DVDs! We do this to prevent leeching and download abuse.

If you're not sure what to do with the attached ZIP or RAR files, then read this help post.

ScenalyzerLive Install Notes

Instructions: Open the attached text file, press CTRL+A on the keyboard to select all, and then copy the text (CTRL+C or with your mouse). In Scenalyzer Live 4.0, go to Help > Enter Registration Code and click the Paste button in the on-screen box.

I tested this key, and confirmed it to be valid. Based off something I read online, I believe this may be a key that was released by the now-disappeared developer a couple of years ago, assuming I translated the page correctly.

I have yet to test Scenalyzer on Windows XP 64-bit, Vista 32 or 64, or Windows 7 32 or 64, to see which OS it may or may not work on. Again, this program was written back in 2005, and it's unclear how well this scales to newer operating systems.
(Indeed, it may be the newer OS that led the developer to abandon it!) Sometimes software continues to work fine, and sometimes it does not. Being free, and have a well-earned good reputation, it's work testing. And then please reply here to share your findings.

Give Thanks!

We don't have to do stuff like this, and it takes a lot of time; setting up this post and related attachments took at least 15 minutes. To support this site, consider becoming a Premium Member for $20 -- and join a community of quality-seeking video professionals and enthusiasts alike, to get help with your video or other media projects. Don't just be a downloader, become a valued site member, whether you ask questions, or answer them!

Or just drop us a quick thank-you donation -- $2, $5, whatever -- that we can use to pay for the site costs.

Attached Files
File Type: zip Scenalyzer-v3.5-free.zip (290.0 KB, 1941 downloads)
File Type: zip Scenalyzer-v4-sclive20051228.zip (988.0 KB, 2065 downloads)
File Type: txt Scenalyzer-v4-sclive20051228 Key.txt (557 Bytes, 1979 downloads)
File Type: pdf Scenalyzer-User-Manual-sclive20051228.pdf (938.3 KB, 1732 downloads)

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02-27-2016, 10:56 PM
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I am testing ScenalyzerLive 4.0 on a laptop with Windows 7 64 bit right now. The software is running and is recording video.

The only thing is I could not get the key to work, thus it's running the trial version. I copied to clipboard and pasted as you said, but the software tells me that "there is no key on the clipboard" etc. I know it's no longer supported, and given the tape I'm putting through at the moment is audio only anyway (there was an issue with the video on this one to begin with - serious low lighting, but it's one of my old choir concerts and I'll be happy with just the audio), the little watermark that seems to keep appearing isn't too much of a problem.

If you know of any newer software that does the same functionality as this one, I'd be interested, but given the age of the thread, I just wanted to post my findings in case someone out there stumbles upon this in a search as I did.

Thank you for all your work on this. :-)
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02-28-2016, 02:18 AM
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I also have the Scenalyzer of Andreas Winter from Berlin, but in German.

Here I have the "key" opened as a complete text file in Windows-7 Editor
all text mark

[Run as administrator]

Scenalyzer Live 4----> Help-------see Screen 2.

Paste from Clipboard or as Text

start anew

Attached Images
File Type: png ScenalyzerLive 4.0_2016-02-28_09-10-10.png (176.4 KB, 122 downloads)
File Type: png 2.ScenalyzerLive 4.0.png (147.1 KB, 100 downloads)
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02-28-2016, 12:54 PM
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I have bought the Scenalyzer registration key back when the developer was active. It works just fine in XP 32-bit since I used to to do some captures from my Digital 8 camcorders. It also works fine with my Thinkpad T61p laptop running Win 7 64-bit (works the same for 32-bit). I had to ensure that I used the 'Legacy' firewire driver though or otherwise the program won't see the device.

This program works pretty well, and have had no issues with frame drops.
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03-01-2016, 03:42 PM
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I've used scenalyzer for many years now (and purchased it when it was new). I still use it for my Hi-8 transfers. Great software!
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03-01-2016, 04:54 PM
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ScenalyzerLive was good when we had Pentium 3
Currently you capturt Video 8 and Hi-8 only in uncompressed or in Huffyuv or Lagarith
Practically at Scenalyzer Live was ... you could besides the two stereo even
capture the audio on the same longitudinal track

Directly in DV-AVI ....... my clients would send me to the desert or to Siberia, no thanks.
But here other laws apply.
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