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Hi Everyone,

I purchased a Elite Video BVP+ (Broadcast Video Processor) off of ebay. However, there is a 20 pin connector that is supposed to connect the 2 circuit boards (I guess) inside. When I received the box, the cable was disconnected.

The good thing is the 20 pin connector and cable ('looks' like an IDE or Floppy disk drive cable from a PC to give you a feel for what it looks like) is within the BVP+ unit itself. It's just randomly found in the unit, but is disconnected.

The two circuit boards say "COPYRIGHT 1996 VERSACHROME". However, I am not sure which is the correct pinouts? What is PIN 1 on each of the boards?

If anyone has a BVP+ and can just take the lid off (4 screws), could you please let me know which is PIN1 for each circuit board? Or maybe someone can snap a quick picture for me?

The two 20 pin connectors on the circuit board are labled H001 and H002. I only have one 2 wire cable going from H003 to H004 between the two circuit boards. Currently, H001 and H002 remain disconnected right now between the two circuit cards.

As a side note, I've noticed there is a 14 pin connector as well that is not connected to anything. My guess is that perhaps this 14 pin connector may be for jumpers? Not sure.


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Compare it against the images here: http://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/vide...-bvp-bvp4.html
Did that help?

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