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Edit: Moved from PM to post. Wanted to share this with the forum. -LS

Hey lordsmurf, Could you please give me some advice on how to deal with this bogus seller?
Two more days have passed since I wrote the following:
Originally Posted by newkt
I insisted (politely) to the eBay seller that he provide a "remedy" for me -- 50% refund -- AND THAT HE CORRECT THE LISTING FOR OTHER UNSUSPECTING SOULS!!! But he's had over 24 hours now -- and nothing on either front yet, DESPITE telling me last night that he'd already corrected the listing!!!
His initial responses to me on Tuesday were the following:
First off... this comes as as much of a shock to me as it has to you! I'm so sorry for that and will look into it ASAP. These are some items that we had in overstock and had purchased from a reputable vendor like newegg. I pulled the description from ATI based on the outside of the box and model numbers. I'll be at the location where we have the tuners tomorrow and I'll take a look. We'll get it figured out and I'll be in touch tomorrow. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the mixup! It has been updated to remove the part about the ATI Catalyst Media Center. Thanks!
And then yesterday, I wrote the following:
Well, I didn't hear from you yesterday, and the listing still hasn't been changed ... So, please refund me 50% of the original purchase price (i.e., $27.25) -- since the software is just as important as the hardware -- and please change the listing immediately to reflect the fact that the ATI CMC is NOT included ...It's not enough to simply remove the reference to the ATI CMC, since any informed buyer knows that this "*NEW*" hardware is supposed to come with the ATI CMC software ... Therefore, I suggest that you say something like:"Includes ArcSoft TotalMedia software, with full Personal Video Recorder (PVR). (ATI Catalyst Media Center software not included.)" Thanks!
Now, I don't actually want to return the hardware -- unless I discover it's defective, of course -- and thanks to your post with the ATI CD image, I haven't really suffered a tangible "loss" as such ... The 50% refund is more "punitive" than anything -- except for my time and trouble going through all this ...

But I do think it's important that the listing be changed ASAP!!!

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This is a good example of why buying capture cards can sometimes be a real pain in the keister. This is an old PM, from mid last year, and I think we had discussed already in ATI CMC / ATI 600 related posts. But it's worthy to have its own post.

I'm curious how this ended. I don't know that we ever heard more on this. Updates?

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Well, it's been a while, but as I recall, the eBay seller simply pulled the listing entirely and offered to return the full purchase price if I returned the H/W (and bogus S/W, I guess) ... Since I didn't have another reasonably-priced source for the H/W at the time, I just decided to let it go at that ... (Very lame, I know ... )

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