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Thanks to njroadfan and dfaq staff, found out "wavy lines" problem......Hooked up VCR to AVTOOLBOX to Big Screen TV with Other Computer Powered On... AND NO WAVY LINES!!!! So I thought the Interference problem was coming from my Other Computer.,And it is! but in reality It's coming from the un-protected input block that came with the ATI 9600 XT!!!(NO RFI COILS!!)Oh Well,I'm Going to have to seperate the XP Capture unit from the Other Computer and see what happens!!!!(Might have to move Capture PC to the bedroom or something)
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03-04-2012, 03:55 AM
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Many years ago, there were posts about this at videohelp.com (no fix was found, just complaints and discovery). Certain video capture cards -- including ATI AIW cards, going back to the 7200/7500 and 8500 series cards -- would exhibit grounding issues. There was various leakage of power, FM and whatnot, which resulted in interference. There cards were not "bad" exactly, as the same card could work fine in one location (geography, computer, etc), but have distortions in another. Power was the main problem -- be it from your electrical lines, or within the case.

I've seen this issue with a 9600 ATI AIW card, too. It only happens when connected the card's output is connected to a certain TV.

It's just one of those nuisances videographers have to be mindful of, I'm afraid.
Smart ones deal with it, look for workarounds, etc. Amateurs run around with "this card sucks" attitudes.

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