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Upon the initial launch of WinTV v7, right after installation, I am able to get video and audio of my VHS s-video input. However, once I close WinTV and relaunch, I get "No Signal" when I go to the s-video input. I've tried connecting the VCR to the composite input (using different cables) and also get "No Signal".

Here are my other specs:
- Windows 7
- Hauppauge PVR-150 with the updated drivers from Hauppauge (running the .exe several times during troubleshooting)

I've tried removing the inputs in the software and rescanning - no signal.
I've tried the capture card in a different PCI slot - same results.

What should I do to maintain a reliable signal via s-video in WinTV v7?
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I've never tried to use WinTV (any version) on Windows 7. My feeling is that, like ATI MMC, WinTV may only work well with the older OS. WinTV7, was, I believe, out during the Vista days. However, as we all know, Vista nad Win7 still have important differences when it comes to the a/v sub-system (ie, how the OS handles audio and video).

Curious what you found since posting this.

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