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04-10-2022, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by latreche34 View Post
I don't think I know any PAL beta with S-Video, So composite is the only route as far as I know, For NTSC US and Canada there is basically 3 models, 2 ED beta models and one SuperBeta model with S-Video, the rest are not worth buying for a proper archival job, for casual digitizing from composite is okay.
I have read (but never seen) and I may be misremembering, but some PAL S-Video machines were marketed in the Gulf states? I have sold Betamax machines to Quatar so I gather Betamax was rather successful over there, but I guess money wasn't really a limiting factor for many.

We have machines with SCART, but they only output composite with a funky connector.

Of course, it's theoretically possible to hack S-Video into any colour-under machine, but it's a faff I don't need - I'm sure it's been done though.
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