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I have an ATI AIW Radeon from about 2001. Still works great. ATI kept updating the software until my last update from their website on June 10, 2005. The download came in five parts. 1. 5-6_xp-2k_dd_cp_wdm_23864, 2. 9-08_mmc_uic (DAO_MDAC), 3. ATICDwiz4-0, 4. DVD Decoder, 5. mmc-9-03-0-0. All these files really fixed any issues I had been having with my card. MY BIG QUESTION IS... since there is no readme files with any of these files. Do you know if these files will support all the ATI AIW cards made? I recently purchased online an ATI AIW 9000 and an ATI AIW 9600 as I building myself a second system while I can still get a motherboard with AGP and use WIN XP.
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Should work fine. I think the PCIe card I just got actually has older drivers with it. The AGP cards originally came with the older 8.x versions of MMC.
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