07-19-2004, 11:18 AM
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I rarely use a mic. I've got one from 10 years ago that came with a professional soundcard (at that time). That company is long since dead. The nice big fat ball mic's are still the best ones. Those little mini-mic things have issues with quality. You'd be best asking somebody in an audio store (or a guitar store).

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08-04-2004, 09:58 AM
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Hi Lordsmurf,

I just had my new $60+ Turtle Beach Santa Cruz card installed by my local PC gurus $$$.

But, I'm still having the same problem with Premiere. So, the Sound Blaster Live Card was OK after all.

I can only capture AVI files that have a maximum setting of (44100 Hz 8-bit stereo sound). Any higher configuration results in a blank audio track when imported into Premiere Pro 1.5. (I'm capturing from analog 8mm camcorder. Does the camcorder capture put a limit on the sound?)

THIS MAY SOUND STRANGE: I have noticed that before I do a capture...I must check the way my sound card is configured (via the Turtle Beach Control Panel)as well as (Control Panel/Sound and Audio Properties in XP). For some unknown reason (unless I have a ghost in this machine)the check marks change...and the recording device defaults to 'microphone' rather than 'line in'. The apply button is greyed out in the Control Panel for Sound/Audio.

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