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Hello, friend.

Program capture: Roxio Vhs Easy to Dvd plus 3

My computer:
Utrabook Satellite Z930-16L
Windows 8 64 bits
3º generation processor Intel® Core™ i3-3227U
clock speed : 1.90 GHz
standard : 4,096 (2,048 onboard + 2,048) MB
Graphic Intel HD 4000

My Vhs JVC work tape Pal Europe and Ntsc USA connect by SVideo:

I work very good tape Vhs Pal Europe in Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus by mpg2. But, i have 3 tapes Vhs Ntsc EUA. I cant see image in Roxio Easy Vhs To DVD 3 Plus. Image is black.

I use others programs: Dscaler, iuvcr, stoik. I see not acept. But, i see i sellect Pal M, i can see black and white. If i select sometimes Pal i have 1 second color.

Can i have image Roxio Easy Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus with Jvc Vhs hrs8600eu or others programs, driver,... to capture Vhs Ntsc USA? Are posssible buy adaptor/connector to ntsc/pal? If you see manual page 14, hrs8600eu are possible tape pal and ntsc playblack.

You can play back PAL, NTSC and MESECAM tapes, or record PAL and SECAM* signals on this recorder. Follow the procedure below to select the appropriate colour system.
* SECAM signals will be recorded as MESECAM on this recorder;
MESECAM is the designation for tapes with SECAM signals that have been recorded on a MESECAM-compatible PAL video cassette recorder.
About NTSC Playback
c Some TVs shrink the picture vertically and place black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. This is not a malfunction on the part of either the video recorder or the TV.
c The picture may roll up and down. This can be corrected using the V-HOLD control found on some TVs. (This cannot be corrected if the TV does not have a V-HOLD control.)
c The counter and tape remaining time readings will be incorrect.
c During search, still, or frame-by-frame playback, the picture will be distorted, and there may be a loss of colour.
c Depending on the type of TV, the top and bottom portions of superimposed displays may be cut off during NTSC playback.
Can you help me? Send marciomiguelteixeira@gmail.com.

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hrs8600eu are possible tape pal and ntsc playblack.
Yes, but only on TV
ntsc in Pal-60th

I have you yet been written in almost a dozen mail that the JVC HR-S8600 can not spend NTSC would accept a capture card clean.

Also, I have written you what devices are right for your work.

Sorry .... the most basic knowledge you need to learn it myself.

I of course also the JVC HR-S8600 and just under 45 other feeder

Attached Images
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File Type: jpg b.8600.jpg (62.4 KB, 5 downloads)
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The cheapest solution would be to buy a capture device that accepts PAL60. There are plenty, but you have to make sure that it really is supported.

However, the quality will likely not be as good as a native NTSC playback from an equivalent NTSC VCR.

There is no need to PM me about this. I check the site frequently, and will reply to posts in threads when I can.

Snipped PM:
Originally Posted by marcioteixeira
Thanks. Can you explain capture device that accepts PAL60? Send image and companies ebay but company in Europe. I´m Portugal. We have big tax. And quality will good to pal 720 576? My email is [...]
There is also no need to imply that people should email you with replies. Set your Forum Preferences so that you receive emails about Subscribed Threads, and subscribe to this thread using the Instant selection. Easy!

I'll have to do further research to suggest specific options, but you can just google it as well.

PAL refers to colour encoding, not frame dimensions, line count, or frame rate, although people usually conflate PAL as meaning 576i.

PAL60 is 480i but with PAL colour encoding, hardware converted from NTSC colors.
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Hello, friend.
You tell me cable capture and program roxio easy plus 3 are not acept VCR JVC HR-S8600 to Vhs Ntsc. I will need new cable capture and program?
I see many cable and programs to capture. Can you tell better cable capture and program? I will like capture same svideo. I think better image. I´m Portugal. We work with Pal Europe.
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03-27-2016, 01:51 AM
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Originally Posted by msgohan View Post
Set your Forum Preferences so that you receive emails about Subscribed Threads, and subscribe to this thread using the Instant selection. Easy!
Members should be subscribed by default.

- Did my advice help you? Then become a Premium Member and support this site.
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