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hiya people,

i need some help understanding scart to s-video.

if i pass a digitally aired channel through my scart to s-video connector to my pc video card, is the signal going through a digital-analog-digital process?

if so, am i losing any quality?
what can i do to overcome any loss?

also, in the near future, when hdtv comes online, and i still have a scart to s-video setup, will i lose even more quality? i.e. if hdtv is transmitting 720 lines, how many go through s-video? 400?

is the answer to burn the show to a dvd via a dvd recorder and then transfer to a pc to mess about with?

any help would be appreciated.

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03-05-2006, 08:52 AM
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Digital channel is always decompressed to analog by "the box". You then re-capture a signal back to digital. There is not any way to copy the original digital stream most of the time, and even then, you would not want to. It's not DVD-Video compliant.

Quality loss? Not really. Technically, yes. But can it be seen or heard? No.

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